Autentikacijska i autorizacijska infrastruktura sustava znanosti i visokog obrazovanja u Republici Hrvatskoj
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About AAI@EduHr

AAI@EduHr is the Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of science and higher education in Croatia. Thus only institutions listed in the registry of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia are eligible to became a member and act as identity providers in AAI@EduHr.

Any member of AAI@EduHr can act as service provider. In addition AAI@EduHr accepts any other organisation as service providers as long as it declares it will follow AAI@EduHr Policy (currently available in Croatian language only).

AAI@EduHr, as identity federation of research and education community in Croatia is operated and coordinated by the University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb (SRCE).

Technically, AAI@EduHr is a hub-and-spoke federation with centralised login service. Each Identity provider maintains its own LDAP directory and related IdM software.

AAI@EduHr is member of eduGAIN and eduroam. It is also represented in REFEDS.

All other information is currently available in Croatian language. For more info on AAI@EduHr please write to